4th Moon: Dyke Bars & Economy (023)

The films in the fourth programme of the 12 Moons Film Lounge are artistic interventions from a lesbian-queer position that address the entanglements of capitalism, colonialism and sexism and their effects on ecosystems, social spaces and female* queer bodies.

Taking cues from Silvia Federici's writing Caliban and the Witch, this curation works with the understanding that to analyse the history of dykes, it is necessary to consider different forms of exploitation simultaneously. The programme aims to inspire questions: who continues to be denied access to economic capital and what are the effects of the intersections of global capitalism, colonialism, racism and sexism? Why do dykes keep losing their spaces and why in 2018 do we still have to fight for equal pay for equal work? How can we use feminist theory and practice and get out of the conditions of scarcity and existential insecurity that shape dyke culture? What visions can we develop to shift the parameters of capitalism?

The films will run daily from 16/4-14/5/2018 as projections and on monitors with sound over headphones in the year-round 12 Moons Film Lounge, whose programme changes every new moon.

Film descriptions:

More Real Than Reality Itself by A.L. Steiner (USA, 2014, 54 minutes, English) A non-linear biographical tracing follows activists on their paths to radical positions of work, care, ecology and social justice.

Borderhole by Nadia Granados & Amber Bemak (Mexico/USA/Colombia, 2017, 14 minutes, English and Spanish with subtitles) About the relationship between North and South America, imperialism, globalisation through pop music and the choreography of female* bodies in relation to socio-political and eco-systems.

Gut Renovation by Su Friedrich (USA, 2012, 81 minutes, English) A five-year documentary of the gentrification process of Williamsburg, a part of Brooklyn, New York, which affects the filmmaker herself.

Lesbian Factory by Susan Chen (Taiwan, 2010, 56 minutes, Taiwanese and English with English subtitles) A love story and documentary of a strike by lesbian migrant industrial workers*.