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We have listed some ways you can further support the project below!

Donate money

You like this website and its mission and you want to chip in? You think this project should go on and you would like to support us? You would like to contribute to improving accessibility and you want everyone working on the project to be paid? Much of the work here has been done on a volunteer basis or compensated with a small payout from our funding budget. To be able to continue and to provide more translations and transcripts, among other tasks, we need more resources. You can donate to this cause!

You can donate money easily through Paypal or by bank transfer to the Schwules Museum. Click the link below for more information:


- When you fill out your donation, please specify "Website YEAR OF THE WOMEN*" as the intended purpose.

- Please send an e-mail to the editors that indicates what you would like to donate for or a note that you have donated, so that we know about it directly and your commitment is not lost in the flurry of museum operations.

Donate time

Aside from financial support, you can also volunteer your time! The Schwules Museum owes its existence to its volunteers. This allows the museum to remain as independent and accessible as possible. If you want to translate or illustrate a text, or transcribe a video, please contact the editors.

Ideas & Contributions

If you yourself have a contribution or an idea that would fit well in the YEAR OF THE WOMEN* archive, or if you would like to do research on the project, please contact the editors with your suggestion. Currently, however, we cannot offer payment for new contributions, because we plan to use any (possible) donations to compensate the work listed above first.

You would like your work from the YEAR OF THE WOMEN* to be included in the collection and archive of the Schwules Museum? Then feel free to contact the archive staff.


Are you a curator or organizer of projects that could use the YEAR OF THE WOMEN* archive as a source? Get inspired here! Maybe your work situation grants you access to institutions which give you the opportunity to give back to the community? Involve the relevant activists, artists, curators, authors, scholars and please compensate their work generously.

The YEAR OF THE WOMEN* can be presented in institutions, at conferences, in book contributions or activist contexts. Various formats exist for this purpose. Please contact the two curators of the project via the editors

Some exhibitions from the YEAR OF THE WOMEN* can be shown in museums and other artistic and cultural contexts. Requests can be made through the editors.


If you notice any wording or content on these pages that you find problematic or wrong or would like to see changed, please let us know! We are sensitive to discriminatory language in our work, but mistakes can still happen.

We add all the content by hand. This means mistakes can happen - if you notice something, no matter how small, please let us know so we can improve it.

You were involved in the YEAR OF THE WOMEN* and can't find your name in the listing or have a different name and/or pronoun in the meantime? Write it to us so we can update it.

And of course, we always welcome positive feedback!


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