12th Moon: Finissage: 12 Moons Film Lounge (132)

We celebrate the last evening of the year-long project 12 Moons with a film screening: Five films from the current and last programme 🌍 Glo-ballism 🔥 curated by A.L. Steiner!

12 Moons – which was: 1 site-specific seating landscape with 3 screening areas, on view every minute of the SMU opening hours, 12 themed programmes with 57 films and video works, 27 TV episodes and 4 newly shot short films as well as 12 accompanying events with directors, artists, performers, activists of the time.

For 12 months we have organized an international film program in the Schwules Museum with films and video works by female*, lesbian, trans*, inter* and non-binary filmmakers and their teams who shared with us their views on existing gender norms, on economy and ecology, on desire, sexuality and subjectivities. They have made feminist her* and hir*stories and conditions of life, political and private struggles visible, sensitized us to the impositions of our time and encouraged us to perform resistance through creative practices. The filmic documents are means of expression of their affinity for the world and are testimonies of an artistic care work that disturbs, changes, and queers dominant narratives. We can only manifest alternative realities when other images become thinkable and speakable, when new synaptic connections form and other possibilities emerge.

A big thank you to all contributors who provided us with such a rich array of knowledge, her*stories, hir*stories and moving images!

Program of the evening:

7 pm: Screening in the 12 Moons Film Lounge: 5 films from the current program 🌍 Glo-ballism 🔥 curated by A.L. Steiner until 11 pm: Bar night in the SPIRITS bar of the SMU in the presence of the team and some of the participating filmmakers.


The film program:

Barbara Hammer
USA, 1973, 8 Min., English

Female Fist
Kajsa Dahlberg
Sweden, 2006, 20 Min., Swedish with English subtitles

Wanuri Kahiu
Kenia, 2009, 21 Min., English

Sugar Walls Teardom
Tabita Rezaire
South Africa, 2016, 21 Min., English

Stand in the Stream
Stanya Kahn
USA, 2011-2017, 58 Min., English
(on monitor with headphones)