11th Moon: Artivism – Talk with artists and activists about art and human rights (126)

Artivism connects art and activism. It focuses on how art in its multiple forms can embrace political intention, or how political action can become creative, poetic, sensual. Artivism looks for new ways of political intervention, opens up new forms of disobedience and action that move beyond traditional paradigms of activism. Aks International Minorities Festival embodies artivism as a tool that intersects art and film with ongoing political dialogue for human rights. A talk with artists/activists from Pakistan and the Pakistan Diaspora on how intersectional art with a political agenda is created to pass under strictly controlled circumstances. The artists will share their individual experiences of political activism and their achievements.

The talk will be moderated by Dr. Farzada Faarkhooi in English language.

Saadat Munir is director, curator, film reviewer, art director and founder of Aks Int. Minorities Film Festival. He is also head of the film production company Madari Films. Munir, raised by Pakistani parents, grew up in Denmark and studied Communications at South Denmark University. Munir has been awarded several times for his creative work and 2015 he was one of the selected artists of the Berlinale Talents.

Neeli Rana is a well-known activist for the rights of the Transgender community in Pakistan. She is co-founder of Aks Int. Minorities Film Festival and works as Field Supervisor for Naz Male Health Alliance, the first and only Pakistani LGBTQIA+ organization. Rana was one of the driving forces behind the political recognition of the third gender in Pakistan.

Mehlab Jameel organizes grassroots trans* community events in Pakistan, works as educator and conducts independent research about gender and sexuality in Pakistan. Jameel studies anthropology and locates her own work in the field of feminist, queer and post-colonial theory. In the Parliament of Pakistan Jameel recently campaigned for the implementation of the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act 2017. She supports numerous local activist groups, amongst others The Feminist Collective.


About Aks International Minorities Festival:

The Aks International Minorities Festival, founded in April 2014, is a global human rights initiative that promotes socio-political and cultural dialogue. The organization campaigns for the visibility of minorities and marginalized groups and communities. The Aks Festival features films that are accompanied by discussions and debates, and the festival organizes theme-based workshops and performing arts events on topics that affect minorities and marginalized groups. The festival is Pakistan’s most connected and inclusive festival and unique in its form. www.aksfestival.com