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Birgit Bosold, Vera Hofmann

Curators’ discussion, kuratieren 7, Arthur-Boskamp Stiftung (2021)

kuratieren #7
Birgit Bosold, Vera Hofmann: Year of the Women*, Schwules Museum 2018
Verlag der Arthur Boskamp-Stiftung 2021

In 2018, as a strong sign against sexism and the marginalization of women* in art and culture and also in queer communities, the Schwules Museum dedicated its entire annual program under the title Year of the Women* to women*'s, lesbian, trans*, inter* and non-binary perspectives. Almost two years later and enriched by many experiences, Birgit Bosold and Vera Hofmann, as main curators, attempt a dialogical reflection of this queer-feminist intervention. They present the project and shed light on some of the backgrounds in an honest dialogue in order to make the complexity and contradictions, controversies and consistencies of their joint curation transparent. 

Edited by Ulrike Boskamp

Design by Michael Pfisterer

Translated by William Wheeler

Print Run 500

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ISSN: 2510-2273

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