White Nights in Light Blue and Pink (138)


Weiße Nächte in Hellblau und Rosa by Mahide Lein & Dorothea Etzler (80min., 1997)

LGBT*QI Russian-German Cultural Exchange 1992 – 1995
A mix with footage from 7 festivals in in St. Petersburg, Moskau & Berlin
Produced by Mahide Lein & Andreas Strohfeldt

Music & Talk: Olga Krauze from St. Petersburg with translations by Svetlana Doroshenko

A film screening showing seven events in their exciting twilight – the enthusiasm of the first kisses – boisterous dancing with a diverse cultural, film and video programme. There was a crackle in the atmosphere, as if an erotic storm was rolling in. In Russia, lesbians are called “pink” and gay people “light blue”.

Film from queer festivals including:

1st Christopher Street Day in St. Petersburg, Russia (1992) with 55 activists and artists from Berlin Homolulu and Russia. Berlin Lesbian Week and European Conference of the ILGA

2nd Christopher Street Day in St. Petersburg, Russia (1993), with 33 activists and artists from Berlin, Europride Berlin – abolition of § 121 in Russia by the Russian Consulate, concert series with Olga Krauze

1st Lesbian Gay Film Festival (1994) in St. Petersburg with 16 film makers from Germany. Film and videos from German history 1919-1994

1995 Retrospective from Elfi Mikesch & Rosa von Praunheim, St. Petersburg & Moscow

„100 Jahre Schwule Bewegung“, Produktion: Rosa von Praunheim, Akademie der Künste 1997
„Schoko-Café“ 1997
„EWA-Frauenzentrum“, Berlin 1998
„Kellerkino“, Bern, Schweiz, Einladung von Veronika Minder, 2002