Curator's tour through the exhibition RADICAL - LESBIAN - FEMINIST, on the history of the Lesbian Action Centre (LAZ) and the HAW Women's Group, 1972-1982.

A multitude of previously unpublished original documents, visual and audio material and, last but not least, precious treasures from private record and instrument collections illustrate for the first time the militant forms of resistance, the imaginative actions, the publications that emerged from the LAZ as well as the wealth of projects, some of which still exist today, and thus document the desire for lesbian life in all its facets. Also the visions of the time - the feeling of a "Lesbian Nation" that emerged in numerous European lesbian summer camps, when celebrating big parties with the Flying Lesbians, in creative projects such as the lesbian press, or in self-defence and self-help groups.

The exhibition seeks to make the political significance of the HAW women's group and the LAZ and the resulting actions and projects tangible in the present. To this end, contemporary witnesses evoke the spirit of the movement at that time and, with the help of films and discussions, stories and music, build a bridge to the reality of lesbians today, to their self-image and visibility.

What has changed - what has remained - what can still come? The aim of the exhibition organisers is to revive the LAZ as an association, among other things by making "LAZ Reloaded" part of the E2H project (Elberskirchen-Hirschfeld-Haus) in the future.