Queerfeminist Kitchen-Feminism between the generations (014)

"What came, what went, what stayed? Feminism between the generations."

In Western feminism, people like to talk about "generations" or "waves" when talking about feminist movement. In the recent Queerfeminist Kitchen discussions that addressed lesbian visibility, it became apparent that there are quite a few transfer gaps to bridge between the lesbian/women's movement of the 1970s and 1980s, through the Riot Girls of the 1990s to the LGBTIQ* community of the 2000s. What has been lost between the "generations"/"waves"? Do we still talk about "patriarchy critique" and "solidarity" today? What is it about each other that alienates us? And who is this "we" anyway? Did it ever exist?

We want to explore these and other questions in the next Queerfeminist Kitchen. For this discussion, it is urgently desired that lost, submerged and overheard voices find space. So come and discuss with us and with speaker Tanja Abou.

She is a queer "poverty class" academic, children's book author, social justice trainer, social worker and activist. This evening, as a fan of the Queerfeminist Kitchen, she has slipped out of the discussion process into the role of the speaker and is looking forward to exchanging ideas with you.