Queer-feminist Life & Futurity #7 – Sex and Secularism (083)

The second September date of Prof. Dr. Ulrike Auga's interactive lecture series Queer Feminist Life and Futurity is on September, 17th about the topic Sex and Secularism. On post-secular agency and the new role of religion in public spheres.

By the way, Ulrike Auga spoke at our Queerfeminist Kitchen in May about the tension between queer emancipation and religion and showed us the emancipative potential of post-secular theories, which reveal a form of appropriation of agency in spiritual practice. She also took up these themes in the Z√ľndstoffe section of the Siegess√§ule in July, inviting us to first engage with post-secular positions before criticising them.

No knowledge is assumed for the lecture series and you can also jump in crosswise. Ask your questions and debate with us about a better queer future, about activism and queer ways of living!