Queer-feminist Life & Futurity #10 – "Becoming", Collective Assemblages and Agency (114)

On November, 12th, the tenth and final date of Prof. Dr. Ulrike Auga's interactive lecture series Queer Feminist Life and Futurity. Tools for Queer Political Imagination and Activism from Killjoy to Cyborg will take place. This unprecedented event format at the Schwules Museum has turned out to be a complete success: every event was well attended, and Prof. Dr. Ulrike Auga was also available for questions and discussions with the participants after the lectures. Thus, this lecture series turned out to be an excellent supporting programme for the Year of the Women*.

In the last lecture, we will draw a conclusion and venture an outlook: How is queer collectivity possible? How can we gain agency? How can a queer-feminist utopia be translated into reality?

Come again and let's discuss these and similar questions in the final session!