Queer Feminist Life and Futurity #6 - De-/Postcolonial Queer Visual Activism and Performance (076)

The summer break is coming to an end - and Prof. Dr. Ulrike Auga's interactive lecture series Queer Feminist Life and Futurity. Tools for Queer Political Imagination and Activism from Killjoy to Cyborg will resume in September. On five further dates from September to November, Prof. Auga will introduce us to topics around de/post-colonialism, secularism, radical democracy, queer futurism and will conclude with a summary of the ten lectures that have taken place over the year.

In the first half of the lecture series, we were given an insight into relevant queer-feminist topics and were given the terminological tools to do so. Prof. Dr. Ulrike Auga spoke about queer critique of capitalism, epistemic violence, situated knowledge and activist strategies, among other things. We enjoyed lively debates and an always well-filled room, in which we entered into a respectful exchange with each other and shared our own lifeworlds beyond academic discourses.

On September, 6th we continue with de-/postcolonial queer visual activism and performance.