Mid Winter Gathering by SPIRITS + COVEN BERLIN (133)

Celebrate the closing of the SPIRITS Dyke Bar with an evening of spoken word performances aglow with the cosmically low simmer of Winter’s light. We are inviting writers of different media: gatherers of stories set in supernatural, ghostly, and uncanny magical realities, and of tools for queer survival and thriving, and of seeds for monstrous futures.

Writers will include Alex Alvina Chamberland, Lee Richards, Esther Nelke and Mine Serizawa. Plus DJ Intergalactic Secret Agent.

a dyke bar for queers, gender chameleons and other everydeities
For the duration of the Year of the Women*, the cafe within Schwules Museum was transformed into a dyke bar, envisioned and realized by the interdisciplinary artist collective consisting of Ernest Ah, T Blank, and C Detrow.

COVEN BERLIN is a queer feminist collective that has been active in the Berlin queer, art, porn, and activist scenes since they met, via craigslist, in 2014. They are an international group who work freelance in different fields, while being committed to each other, and to Berlin as the surrogate mother for their plan-making. While COVEN is not a practicing witch-coven, COVEN’s eight members revel in the potency of their name’s metaphor for solidarity among women and queers who gather together and produce amazing things, both internally, publicly, and in relationship.