Long Night of Museums (068)

Thematic tours

18:00 - Self-confidence & perseverance

Wolfgang Theis, "founding mother" of the Schwules Museum, leads through the interim exhibition and impressively reports on the origins, setbacks, but also successes of the LGBTIQ* emancipation movements.

19:30 - Fag tour with BeV StroganoV

The famous queer, fashion designer, entertainer, gay activist, founding member of the notorious queer troupe "Ladies Envy" and curator of the online queer museum BeV StroganoV gives a tour of the Schwules Museum!

23:00 - TransHistory with Dr. Finn Ballard

LGBTIQ history of course includes the T for Trans*. But not many people know that, for example, the Stonewall riots were significantly started by black trans* women, because in queer historiography trans are only gradually taken into account. During the Long Night of Museums, the well-known city guide Dr. Finn Ballard (among other things, scientific advisor for "Transparent") will retell the history of trans* emancipation using selected examples and exhibits.

00:30 - Glamour meets history!

The reigning MISS*ter CSD, Gaby Tupper, will do the honours and guide you through the Schwules Museum in an unforgettable way!

Guided tours through the exhibitions

20:00 - RADICAL LESBIAN FEMINIST | Visibility as a Trademark

The exhibition shows the history of the HAW (Homosexuelle Aktion Westberlin) women's group and the LAZ (Lesbische Aktionszentrum), the first offensive feminist lesbian group of the 1970s in West-Germany. One of the many group formations in 1972/73 within the HAW women was the media working group. The curators Dr. Regina Krause and Christiane Härdel give a comprehensive overview of posters, leaflets, the "lesbian press", women's self-publishing houses and bookshops.

20:30 - History of Asexuality

What is asexuality? And what is actually meant by agender, demisexuality, romantic orientation and sensual attraction? What does asexuality have to do with being gay or lesbian? Is there art from an asexual perspective? And if so, is it hanging in the Schwules Museum? Our guided tour is for anyone who has ever asked themselves these questions!

21:00 + 23:30 - LESBIAN VISIONS

A curator's tour of the special exhibition "Lesbian Visions", which focuses on artistic positions of queer FLT* (women, lesbians, trans*) from over 100 years and shows works by more than 30 artists from six generations.

20:00 - RADICAL LESBIAN FEMINISTIC | Lesbian Movement of the 70s and 80s

Contemporary witnesses and LAZ curators Dr. Regina Krause and Christiane Härdel will guide us through the exhibition and build a bridge to the reality of lesbian life today. What has changed - what has remained? An overview of the initial cooperation between lesbian and gay groups, the collaboration and interactions between lesbian centres, autonomous women's centres and creative projects such as the lesbian press.

Archive tours

18:30 + 22:30 - The largest LGBTIQ* special archive in the world (meeting point: DYKE BAR).

With over 1,500,000 archival records and 500 m², the archive of the Schwules Museum is the world's largest special archive on LGBTIQ* history. Archive director Dr. Peter Rehberg and his team will give an exclusive guided tour of holdings from 200 years of LGBTIQ* emancipation movements during the Long Night of Museums.

20:30 + 00:30 - View of the LGBTIQ* art collection (meeting point: DYKE BAR)

Between paintings, poetry, music and works at the intersection of politics and art - a tour with the collection manager through one of the world's largest collections of LGBTIQ* artworks.