Ginka Steinwachs performs "die weisse woche, 1978" (113)

Ginka Steinwachs performs "die weisse woche" (1978)

The writer and multi-media artist Ginka Steinwachs performs her text "die weisse woche" (1978) in the exhibition HIJRA FANTASTIK by Claudia Reiche.

Ginka Steinwachs says: "My first flight and escape attempt towards transgender, that's this text." And: "I perform an old, fresh text that has become new again through its publication in the exhibition! How I like the ending I wrote back then today, I don't know anymore or not yet. So I'm hoping for the audience! That should help me to perhaps find another one!"

The exhibition was created in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan.