Femmephobias (006)

At the beginning of this year, the Schwules Museum declared the Year of the Women*. It is about nothing less than a utopia of queer feminist futures in which femininiti_es of all forms are valued - in society, in our communities and also in the Schwules Museum. The Queer Kitchen is knitting along with the utopia and is taking the year as an opportunity to change its name: from now on, we invite you to the Queerfeminist Kitchen every month! In the coming months, we will focus on politics, desires and physicalities that celebrate the feminine*, the female* and the queer.

To achieve this, we need to understand what stands in the way - structurally and culturally, but also emotionally and psychologically. In the next Queerfeminist Kitchen, we therefore want to discuss forms of hostility(ies) to femininity: How do they show up, how do they work and what are their causes? We will discuss with Vera Hofmann, curator of our 12 Moons Film Lounge and co-curator of the Year of the Women*, about their work as an artistic intervention to "reclaim intra- and interpersonal connections" and with Brigitte Oytoy, who explores the relationship between masculinity and femininity using the terms masc, butch and fem. We also present an idea for a campaign on the topic.