Daphne - Lesbian Art Salon: From Both Red Mouth - Poetic Condensation to Double Red Mouth (059)

We invite you to the Daphne - Lesbian Art Salon to reflect on the exhibition LESBIAN VISIONS in artist talks, lectures and performances. In a relaxed atmosphere, we want to discuss "lesbian" subjects, women* in art and art history, the representation of queer sexuality from a non-heteronormative perspective and the possibility of a different feminist view of femininity and the body.

In her personal approach to the life and work of the painter Gerda Rotermund (1902-1982), Roswitha Baumeister alias Red Mouth asked in 1988: "In which tradition do I stand? How do I, as a lesbian artist, encounter another who does not call herself that?" In this event she presents slides, texts and Super 8 films in the style of the 80’s. Afterwards she will meet Lena Rosa Händle. Both engage in a conversation about objectified memory - under the re-staged Pelze sign, Lena Rosa Händle's artistic contribution to the exhibition LESBIAN VISIONS. From 1981 to 1996, Pelze multimedia was the place for women with special life plans. Ladies only, artistic, political, biographical.