7th Moon: LOOKING FOR QUEERDOM: Film Premiere (052)

We invite you to the premiere of the films from the workshop LOOKING FOR QUEERDOM and welcome our special guests, the filmmakers Kanchi Wichmann and Poliana Baumgarten!

Seven young filmmakers between the ages of 14 and 18 developed their own self-empowering visual language over five days at the Schwules Museum under the guidance of artists Sanni Cabral and Mareike Bernien. As part of the 7th programme in the 12 Moons Film Lounge, the workshop participants counter (hetero)normative views of sexuality, gender identities, sexism in everyday life and attributions based on external characteristics with their own queer*, curious and youthful view. Personal experiences serve as inspiration as well as group discussions.

On the "Big Screen" in the Dyke Bar of the Schwules Museum on July, 18th 2018, we will watch the workshop productions and episodes of the web series Mixed Messages and Berliner Farben together. The makers of the web series, Kanchi Wichmann and Poliana Baumgarten, will be on hand for a short talk about their work and their path to filmmaking as an empowering practice.

Come by for a cold drink and some really good short films and episodes on a balmy summer evening at SMU!

After the premiere party on July, 18th the workshop films will then be included in the seventh programme of the 12 Monde Film Lounge and can be watched for a month during the regular opening hours of the Schwules Museum.

The workshop LOOKING FOR QUEERDOM is a cooperation between the Schwules Museum, Archiv der Jugendkulturen // Diversity Box, Jugend im Museum and EMPOWER.