4th Moon: A Konto of One's Own: Dykes and Economy (019)

The 4th iteration in the program 12 Moons is dedicated to the relationship between dykes and money. The films presented in Moon 4: Dykes and Economy serve as artistic interventions for a dialogue around the workings of capitalism and patriarchy in all their manifestations. The program screens films dealing with capitalism, colonialism, sexism, their effects on the ecological systems and social spaces that surround us, as well as the idea of state-sanctioned disposable bodies, all through a critical, lesbian-queer lens.

Taking cues from Silvia Federici’s work Caliban and the Witch, the curation of Dykes and Economy works within the understanding that the history of dykes cannot be separated from the history of specific systems of exploitation. With this, Moon 4 curates a discussion around dykedom — its past, it’s current, and its future iterations — and money: access to economic capital or rather, the lack thereof, disparities between dykes and their gay counterparts, what’s so dire about the intersections of global capitalism, colonialism, racism and sexism, and why, in effect, money ruined the world and how we can envision utopic futurities that might shift the parameters late capitalism finds us in now. How do we as dykes embrace feminist theory and praxis while seeking to break ties with the ongoing circumstance of precariousness within which dyke culture exits? Why isn’t the gender pay gap shrinking, and why are we still losing our spaces?

Four films will be shown:

More Real Than Reality Itself by A.L. Steiner
USA, 2014, 54 Minutes, English

A non-linear biographical search follows activists on their paths to radical positions of work, care, ecology and social justice.

Borderhole by Nadia Granados & Amber Bemak
Mexico/USA/Colombia, 2017, 14 minutes, English and Spanish with subtitles

About the relationship between North and South America, imperialism, globalisation through pop music and the choreography of female* bodies in relation to socio-political and eco-systems.

Gut Renovation by Su Friedrich
USA, 2012, 81 minutes, English

A five-year documentary of the gentrification process of Williamsburg, a part of Brooklyn, New York, which affects the filmmaker herself.

Lesbian Factory by Susan Chen
Taiwan, 2010, 56 minutes, Taiwanese and English with English subtitles

A love story and documentary of a strike by lesbian migrant industrial workers*.

The films lounge for Dykes and Economy will be running and open to the public as of the new moon on 16th April, with the films screening in loops on headphones during regular museum operating hours.