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A.L. Steiner

12 Moons: We are fighting, wrestling, making sweet love to the spectacle.

May 2022
graphic design: Juliette Lizotte


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12 Moons: We are fighting, wrestling, making sweet love to the spectacle.

All of us are dependent on other people—and in ways we don’t know.

                               - Claudia Rankine, “Blackness as the Second Person”

The shelf life of information, the styling of information, and the relevance of information, is fleeting. The victory of neoliberal late capitalist corporate kleptocracy is its invisibility, the privilege to remain unnamed and unchallenged because even to name it is both quaint and offensive. Our individuality is still rooted in the naïve belief in democracy’s freedoms and liberties, rather than the plutocratic oligarchy. Presently, political language is flaccid and powerless unless it is hyperbolic and solipsistic, dependent on false dichotomies and singular fallacies that negate the triumph of life itself – our dependence on the workings of collective systems and erotic bodies.

Is the shared multilateral, horizontal, generational viewing experience enough to modify conventions, be unique, question authorship or patent our ideas – as if we’re living in the 20tth century? What is the exchange?

Yesterday’s democracy-infused corporatism tasted delicious, now but a stale leftover. Corrupt is obsolete. Decadence a salted, tender, weakened heart. Many thanks to the benevolent men, dead or alive worldwide, who distribute rights and confer liberties. :-(

The ways in which we encounter and fail one another.

The ways in which we are subject to each other.

The ways in which we understand one another.

The contingency of empathy.

Intimacy, ultimately, is politik.

Knowledge is transformed into lived practice or it is nothing at all except coded semiotic quantifiable information from which to profit. Arise from the ashes of lived practice. Living and thinking together without a directive form of dicktatorial autocracy or patriarchal hierarchy as stylized, spectacularized suppression and oppression of our minds, bodies and intangible little human souls in exchange for metrics, obedience and a meritocrapcy doled-out by failed technocrats in a haze of empty promises. Worshippers of power for power’s sake in lands of stolen riches and manna. Bastardized languages take forms of protofascist technological thinking outside the box, shallow concepts based on a mistaken notions of confined angularity, a set-up to propel superficial hatetriarchal cesspools of chaos, confusion and theft. We’re in that silly, predicktable apocalypse drama where the enemy within us was, and is, always just steps away. Voices snatched and disappeared in hierarchical structures, dissent and resistance a bandied-about delusion, powerless sidenote of mandatory austerity and a useless committee charge.

Voice, an Earthly machine for thinking and feeling. The planet is comprised of feelings, very deep ones.

🌍 Glo-ballism 🔥 film program was:

Man staggers along the brink of his own extinction, his images and narratives allow us to reflect on how, when and where we find sensuality and liberation within hostile, racist, heterosexist, financialized, crapitalized, patriarchal and omnicidal worship structures. Exactly what are these things that we call consciousness and knowledge –do we/can we possess them, how will they work through us? 

You cannot ‘reason’ your way into the land of the living, employing the same deadly language of logic that was specifically designed as a weapon to stifle our perception and imagination. No, my friend, intuition must be your faithful steed in search of the soul.
                                                           – Laurie Weeks, “Letter to the Hungry and the Power-Hungry”

Barbara Hammer
USA, 1973, 8 Min., English


Female Fist
Kajsa Dahlberg
Sweden, 2006, 20 Min., Swedish with Engl. subtitles


Wanuri Kahiu
Kenia, 2009, 21 Min., English


Sugar Walls Teardom
Tabita Rezaire
South Africa, 2016, 21 Min., English


Stand in the Stream
Stanya Kahn
USA, 2011-2017, 58 Min., English